Global Manufacturer Ramph and MCH have teamed together to create a light weight polyurethane of incredible strength, flexibility and price. Visit for technical data.

Color Match

All colors are matched by Pantone number to the industry standard using only the highest quality pigments. Standard colors are always free, custom colors are available at an additional fee.*


Our relationship with RAMPH allows us a streamed line production process from materials to shipments which results in the highest quality, lowest cost product. The quality control process starts from the manufacture of the plastic and ends with the 30 Day Return Policy. There are no middle men mark ups, outside sales reps or extraneous logistics to add to the retail price. Prices are fixed for all customers, there is no gym pricing or additional discounts available at this time.

Why MCH?

We at MCH have spent years refining the fundamentals of climbing holds, their use to force movements and their visual appeal. We recognize that many ergonomic shapes are similar and that diversity is sometimes difficult to find between brands. So, to add innovative products to the industry, we climb far and wide searching out new ideas from the stone to take back to the studio. We also colaborate with other designers, mix influences and create unique grips you can't get anywhere else.

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Behind the Scenes


Contact Us

Meuse Climbing Holds LLC
1100 Newportville Road #625
Croydon PA 19021
P: (603) 793-8085

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Jackie H.

Quite fun.

Jeremy D.

Excellent grips, unbelievable prices

About Us

Meuse Climbing Holds started shaping holds for Doylestown Rock Gym in 2012. Inspired by their chipped collection of old polyester holds, we shaped, casted and tested thousands of holds for years. We evaluated dozens of different materials, textures, styles and got to know other designers and manufacturers. In 2013 we shifted production out of the home garage and into a professional casting house. The company gained an online pressence, a listing with the CWA and a reputation which led to freelance designs for "Kingdom Climbing" and "Nicros". Presently, MCH functions out of Croydon PA with it's manufacturing located in MI.

For a color catalog of our 2018 Inventory or a standard Price Sheet in PDF Format email